KN95 FFP2 mask


An KN95 mask or KN95 respirator is a particulate-filtering facepiece respirator that meets the South African National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health KN95 classification of air filtration, meaning that it filters at least 95% of airborne particles


KN95 FFP2 mask FROM R42 ONLY

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KN95 FFP2 respirator dust are NRCS approved dust masks. Made with special three-ply non-woven cloth material. Adjustable nose piece and inner soft foam. Loaded polypropylene material with low breathing resistance and high filtration and static, to effectively resist normal toxic and tiny micron particles against unpleasant organic acid vapors and dusts. Suited for many kinds of dangerous workplaces such as mining, building, grinding, casting, agriculture, electronic, food processing, cement, textile, heavy metal pollution, gardening, glass industry etc.

KN95 FFP2 mask are designed to protect the wearer against inhaling airborne particulates. Airborne particulates are solids or liquids suspended in breathable air and can be classified as dusts, mists or fume. Inhaling airborne particulates may have an inverse effect on health and, depending on the particulate inhaled, this effect may be irreversible.

There are three main different type of KN95 FFP2 mask which are governed each of the different dust mask rating is a step up giving greater protection.

KN95 FFP2 respirator dust
KN95 FFP2 respirator dust masks offer a moderate level of protection against hazardous mists and particulates and fume. Exhalation valves are more common in this rating of mask as there is greater breathing resistance. Some KN95 FFP2 mask have an activated charcoal layer to protect against ozone and these are often called welding dust masks.

KN95 FFP2 respirator dust  mask protection examples: brake dust, cotton dust, granite dust, hay, lead dust and fume, softwood dust.

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